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Distance Education Training Cheat Sheets

Using Whiteboard in a Meeting

  • Open a Zoom meeting.
  • Select the Share Screen button on the Zoom toolbar.

  • Select Whiteboard.

  • Both the Screen Share toolbar and the Annotation Tools will appear automatically.

  • Select More on the Screen Share toolbar to enable or disable annotation for others. Enabling annotation will allow students to make notes/draw on the whiteboard.

  • Use the Text button to type.
  • Use the Draw button to draw with your cursor or a stylus pen.

  • The Format button allows you to change your text and lines' color and change your line width and font. You can also use your cursor or stylus pen to Erase or quickly press the Undo button to undo your last action or Redo to redo your previous action.

  • Clear allows you to fully clear the board, clear it of all of your work, or clear it of work anyone else has created.

Using Whiteboard on the Desktop App

  • Select New at the top right.

  • Use the Draw tool to draw with your cursor or a stylus pen. The selections offer different options for thicker lines.

  • Use the Select tool to select Select or Grab.
  • Using Select you may change the color or line weight of your drawing.

  • Use the Shapes tool to stamp basic or advanced shapes. Once you have stamped your shape you may continue to edit it.

  • Use the Line tool to draw a line, arrow, or double arrow.

  • Use the Text tool to write and edit text.

  • You may also create and edit text with the Sticky Notes tool.

  • The Templates tool Icon

Description automatically generatedallows you to choose templates to insert into your Whiteboard.

  • The Images tool allows you to insert images from your own files into your Whiteboard.
  • The Eraser tool allows you to erase anything on your Whiteboard. There are also Undo and Redo arrows that allow you to undo or redo your last steps.
  • The Page tool allows you to easily switch between or delete pages if your Whiteboard has multiple pages.

  • You may share your Whiteboard to work collaboratively with other Suffolk Zoom users. Select the Share button on the top right.

  • Enter the name or email address of the user(s) you wish to share your whiteboard with, and select Send.


Using Whiteboard Online

  • Follow the instructions for Using Whiteboard on the Desktop App.