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Distance Education Training Cheat Sheets

Pre-Assigning Breakout Rooms

  • Go to and click Meetings in the menu on the left.
  • You can create a new meeting or edit an existing meeting.
  • In the Meeting Options select Breakout Room Pre-assign.

  • You will see this prompt:    
  •  import from a CSV, create an Excel document.
    • Label the first column Pre-assign Room Name.
    • Label the second column E-mail. Enter the email addresses of the students you wish to be assigned to the rooms on each row.
    • Save the file as a .CSV and upload it after selecting Import from CSV in your meeting editor.

  • Alternatively, select Create Breakout Rooms.
    • Click the + icon beside Rooms to create new rooms.

  • Hover over the default breakout room name and click the pencil icon to rename it.

    • In the Add Participants Box add a student’s email address (preferably the and press enter to assign them to that room.

    • Click Save.

Creating and Managing Breaking Rooms During a Meeting

  • Breakout rooms allow the host (that’s you) to split a Zoom meeting into different, smaller sessions (up to 50). The host can create these sessions and manually assign attendees to them.
  • The host and co-host can create and manage breakout rooms. You can temporarily assign your TA hosting privileges or make a Co-Host to assist with this in class. As soon as you are ready, you may reclaim your host privileges.
  • To create a breakout room, the host or co-host must click the Breakout Rooms button on the Zoom bottom menu bar:  
    • Note: If you do not see the Breakout room button, click More.
  • When prompted, select the number of rooms you would like to create. Automatically will enable Zoom to put attendees in rooms at random. Manually will allow you to place attendees in rooms yourself.  Let Participants Choose Room allows participants to choose their own breakout rooms once you have created them (note: Both the host and participants must have updated to the latest version of Zoom for this feature to work).

  • Click Create.
  • After creating the room, click Options, located at the bottom left corner. Select Automatically move all assigned participants into breakout rooms. This will send students to the rooms without a prompt they need to accept whenever you open them.

  • Hover over the breakout room name (Breakout Room 1 by default) and click the pencil icon to change the name.

  • To assign participants, click Assign to the right of the breakout room name. Click the boxes by the names of participants you wish to assign to the room.

  • Move a participant to another room by selecting Move to and the room you wish to move the participants to.

  • To send attendees to the room, click Open All Rooms at the bottom right of the Breakout Rooms window. Attendees will be sent to the room automatically. This will leave only the host and any unassigned attendees in the main Zoom session.

  • The Host can join the Breakout Room any time.
    • Click the Breakout Rooms button on the Zoom bottom menu bar. Select Join to the right of the room name.

    • Leave Room at the bottom right of the Breakout Room. You will be prompted to leave the room or close the room for all. Select Leave Room to return to the main session.
  • To send an unassigned student to the breakout room from the main session, the Host must click the Breakout Rooms button on the Zoom bottom menu bar. The unassigned student’s name will show. Click the checkbox to send the student to the Breakout Room.
  • If you are recording your class, the breakout rooms will not be recorded. Students may record individual breakout sessions locally (to their own computers) if you allow them recording privileges. To allow a student to record, join their breakout room. Open the Manage Participants panel  and hover over the student’s name. Select More and click Allow to Record.

  • Participants inside the breakout rooms can ask for help by clicking the question mark icon: 
    • If a participant asks for help, you will be prompted to join their breakout room.

  • To leave a breakout room click the Leave Room button on the bottom right taskbar.

  • Select Leave Breakout Room to return to the main room.

  • You may also view whether participants are sharing their screens. A green icon will appear in the breakout room menu by a participant’s name if he or she is screen sharing. You may also see if participants are muted and have their video turned on or off.

  • To send a message to the Breakout Room, the Host must click the Breakout Rooms button on the Zoom bottom menu bar then click Broadcast on the bottom left of the Breakout Rooms window. Type the message and send.
    • This message will go out to all breakout rooms.

  • Share your screen with all breakout rooms by selecting Share Screen and checking Share to breakout rooms:

  • Close breakout rooms by selecting Close All Rooms. This will bring participants back to the main session.

  • There is no need to reassign Zoom rooms if you would like to open them again after they are closed. Click the Breakout Rooms button on the taskbar and select Recreate.

  • To save breakout room assignments during a meeting for future use, you must be in a recurring meeting. Once you have closed the breakout rooms, select the three dots and click Save Breakout Rooms.

  • Name your breakout rooms and click Save. You will be able to use this breakout room configuration for all future occurrences of this recurring meeting.