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Distance Education Training Cheat Sheets


Navigate to and sign in with your Suffolk credentials. Choose Settings from the menu to the left. Settings that are on will show a blue toggle. Settings that are off will show a grey toggle. 


  • Schedule Meeting
    • Allow Participants to Join Before Host: Enable to allow students to enter meetings before you join. This allows students to enter classes early and have informal chats. You may also set a limit to the time before which students can join.

    • Mute participants upon entry: in this optional setting participants are muted once they sign in and you will not need to ask them to turn off their microphones once class starts. Students can still turn on their microphones when they need to speak.
  • In Meeting (Basic)
    • Chat: Enabling this setting allows participants to send messages and files visible to all.

    • You may also change the default setting that allows participants to chat with everyone direcly:y
      • Note: You do not need to change this setting. Once your meeting has started, you can enable or disable the chat feature for that meeting by selecting Chat from the toolbar at the bottom of your meeting window, then selecting the menu with three dots:

    • Meeting Chat – Auto Save: The chat will automatically save to your computer once the session ends so that you have a record of any questions asked there if you have enabled this setting.
    • Co-host: Allows the host to add co-hosts. Co-hosts have the same in-meeting controls as the host: this allows your TA or designated co-host to add another co-host if they need help managing your meeting or you have a guest that needs management controls. Remember that the co-host will only see those controls that you have enabled in the settings.
    • Meeting Polls and Quizzes: this allows you to set up polls and quizzes after you schedule a meeting, from the scheduling page/or to set up polls and quizzes on the fly during meetings. This setting is locked on by the administrators, and you cannot change it.
    • Always show meeting control toolbar: the toolbar at the bottom of the meeting window will not disappear when you are not using it when this setting is enabled.
    • Screen Sharing: when this is enabled, any participant in the meeting can share their screen. You can enable the host to be the only one who can share when someone else is sharing or you can enable multiple participants to share at once.
  • In Meeting (Advanced)
    • Breakout Room: this allows you to assign breakout rooms before or during a meeting.
    • Virtual Background: this allows you to use a virtual background while using Zoom.
  • Other
    • Schedule Privilege: This allows you to designate another member of the Suffolk community, such as your TA or faculty assistant, permission to schedule Zoom meetings for you.
  • Recording
    • Automatic Recording: this setting begins recording when the room is opened. We do not recommend enabling this setting. If a student enters the room before class begins and then leaves, a separate recording will be created. To avoid this, disable the setting or do not allow students to join before the host (you).

In Meeting Controls

  • Zoom Taskbar:

  • Mute/Unmute Microphone: mute/unmute your microphone.
  • Start/Stop Video: start/stop your camera.
  • Share Content or Camera: Click this to share your screen. You can share portions of your screen or certain programs.
  • Reactions (“non-verbal” feedback). These reactions will appear on the screen over the participants picture and they will disappear after a few seconds.

  • Manage Participants: View all participants in a list (in addition to their thumbnail videos).
    • Tap the participant's name for these options:
      • Start or stop their video.
      • Allow them to record.
      • Make them host or co-host. For example, if you’d like your TA to control breakout rooms for you, make them the host of the meeting.
      • Put them on hold.
      • Remove them from the meeting.
    • Mute All and Unmute All
    • Tap More for these options:
      • Lock Meeting: Don't allow other participants to join the meeting in progress.
      • Mute Participants on Entry: Automatically mute participants as they join the meeting.
    • Raise hand: Only participants can raise hands (not the host (you)).
      • As a host you can “lower-hand” after you call on them by “hovering” with the mouse over the student's name in the Participants window.