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Human Rights Regionally: Americas

For anyone looking for more specific human rights resources based on location.


The Organisation of American States (OAS) was established in 1948 and currently has 35 members (OAS Charter).  Human rights within the member states fall under its mandate and are usually known as the Inter- American Human Rights System. As well as the OAS charter the other primary legal document is the American Convention on Human Rights. The OAS website has a document section that has treaties, conventions, and resolutions as well as reports. 

The Inter-American Human Rights Commission was created in 1969 and is one of the two bodies that make up the Inter-American Human Rights System.  The website has information about the commission, case law, special reports, and Rapporteurship information on special areas. 

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights was established in 1979.  The website contains information about the court as well as decisions and reports (under the jurisprudence tab), opinions, and annual reports.

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