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Human Rights Regionally: Africa

For anyone looking for more specific human rights resources based on location.


The Organisation of African States (OAS) was established in 1963 to promote unity and development between the different countries within Africa. In 1981 it adopted the African [Banjul] Charter of Human and Peoples' Rights. In May 2002 it was replaced by the African Union (AU) which had a broader mandate.  The main African Union website contains information about the organization and the official documents section contains treaties, conventions, and protocols as well as reports and speeches.  Information about the summit that established the African Union is preserved on the African Union Summit web pages.

The African Commission of Human and Peoples' Rights was established by the 1981 Charter to promote and protect the human rights of people across the continent.  The Commission web pages include legal instruments, declarations, and resolutions as well as state and activity reports.

The African Court of Human and Peoples' Rights was established by a protocol to the Charter in 2008.  It has the right to take final judgment on violations of human rights committed by member states of the AU.  There are currently 25 states that recognize the authority of the court.  The website has basic documents, including the rules of the court and sources of law, as well as cases (pending and latest judgments)

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