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Zotero and Juris-M: Generate bibliographies

Creating a Bibliography with the Desktop App

Step 1: Open your Zotero or Jurism desktop application.

Step 2: Select the collection you wish to create a bibliography from, or hold down control and click the items you wish to include in your bibliography. 

Step 3: Right click one of the selected items to select Create Bibliography from Collection.

Step 4: When the dialogue window appears, select the citation style you wish to use. Then select Copy to Clipboard.

Step 5: Click Ok

Step 6: You may now paste the bibliography into your word processor and edit accordingly. 

Creating a Bibliography in Word

Step 1: Open the Zotero menu in Word.

Step 2: At the end of your paper, click the Add/Edit Bibliography button. Zotero or Jurism will automatically create your bibliography using any citations within your document. Change bibliographic styles with the Document Preferences button.

Creating a Bibliography in Google Docs

Step 1: At the end of your paper, click the Zotero menu.

Step 2: Select Add/Edit Bibliography to automatically create a bibliography using any citations found in your document.